The Variety of the Residential Roofing Materials

While considering the good variant of the roofing material for your house, you should consider all pros and cons of every type to find the best appropriate one. Nowadays there is a great variety of various types of the materials, designs and the constructions, so you should consider the peculiarities of the climate conditions, the construction of the house and the personal requirements in the process of the search. Such important things as the operational durability, protective features and the style are also of primary importance in the process of choosing the good variant for your building.

One of the most reliable and popular in the last decades, especially, for the industrial and commercial buildings, was the metal roof. For some period this type of the roof wasn`t accepted like the residential type of the roofing. But nowadays this is a good variant for any house. The variety of the materials is great, including steel, copper, aluminum and others. The main advantage of this kind of the materials is the safety and strength. The period of the operational durability is also long. But at the same time there is the disadvantage that can prevent to choose this kind of the roof. This is the cost of the good quality materials. For the period of the late 1700's these materials were very popular. In fact, some notable buildings like Washington Monument made use of such metals. The pros of these materials qualities can turn you back the expenditures of money. And the durability of the metals is great, so the choice of them is approved.

The next type of the residential roofing types is the cedar shingles. These cedar shingles are manufactured out of special Western Red Cedar. Some people usually refer to as the wood shakes. This kind of the roofing materials give the opportunity to create the unique design of the general view of the building. These materials give the natural impression of the house. The secret of the mentioned result is achieved by the creation of the shingles of the different constructions, closely to the natural ones. Of course, there is the variety in the colors, width and thickness and even cut of the wood unless it is cut by a machine. It turned to be very popular and fashionable among the other variants of the roofing residential materials. The other important advantage of this type of the roof is the presence of the insulation that can greatly save your money and provide the good quality of the roof.

The wealthy and rich people prefer the other type of the roofing types, such as the slate roofing. These variants provide with the really magnificent and good looking view of the house. That will be a good variant for the general style of your house. The other advantage of the slate roofing is the prevention for the insects and even rodents to damage the materials. The durability time of the roof is belongs to the pros of this type. Some specialists in this sphere state that the durability period is almost 150 years. It is worth to mention that the good sides are also the protection from the fire and other unexpected natural disasters.

The clay tile roofing is a good choice for those who look for the qualities of the resistance to the growth of mold, decaying and burning. If compare the popularity of the usage of these types we should note that the majority of the California homes have this type of roofing. In this type of the roofing you should clearly be aware of the peculiarities, as here you should put the stress on the roofing basics, the groundings, as they must be strong enough to stand the weight of the roof. Of course, it will cost you some part of money. In addition, it is quite high maintenance and repairing would require certain skills.

In comparison with the other roofing materials, we should note that the fiberglass shingles is manufactured in order to provide the good waterproof kind of the roofs. It is manufactured with the layer of fiberglass at the bottom. The durability of these kinds can reach the period of thirty years, but the price on such materials is usually lower, if compared with the metal or the clay tile ones. The main disadvantage of this material is the fact that it can harm the health of the owner. The existent component of the carcinogen called formaldehyde belongs to the undesirable and harmful elements that will not help your health. The other aspect that should be also noted is the ability to prone to mildew and growing of moss. The other type of these roofing materials is known as the laminated shingles. It has the long term of the durability that can save your money that was spent on the cost of these roofing materials, as the expenditures are not low, if compare with the other materials. But it can be compensated by the beautiful appearance and the good quality of the roof.

The asphalt shingles is the variant for the people who can save money and can`t afford to buy the expensive materials. The asphalt shingles or compositions are rather common for the medium spheres of the population. It is made from merely asphalt or fiberglass. It has a wide range of styles and colors that you can choose from so you would not turn out of options. Aside from the look, its installation will not make you sweat as you can even just put it above your existing roof.

As we can see there is the great variety of the roofing materials and they have their particular advantages and disadvantages that can play an important role in the process of choosing the best appropriate variant. Try to weigh all pros and cons and to find the best variant for your house.