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Finding Great Employment Opportunities

Have you exhausted your ideas for looking for a job? Before you give up, check this list to make sure that you have not missed that perfect employment opportunity.

Government Website – Every state has a Department of Workforce Services that helps its residents find jobs. Visit your state website and start looking around for the employment services that your state offers. You might also check the yellow pages and see if there are offices close to your home that you could visit in person.

Employment Agencies – Have you ever applied for a job through a temporary agency? Did you know that many companies hire permanent employees through these services? Visit one of their offices and see what they have to offer.

Job Fairs – A Job Fair is a great place to actually meet and speak with company representatives before you even apply for a position. Check newspapers or the internet to see when the next event is in your area and bring a big stack of resumes to hand out.

Classified Ads – This is the classic place to find a job. With the opportunities on the internet, many people overlook this option. Checking the classified ads in the newspaper is still a great place to find local employers – especially small businesses that cannot afford to advertise on the large internet websites.

College Career Center – Go to your college or its website and visit the career center. Colleges love to help alumni get great jobs, so you will not be disappointed.

Networking – Contact everyone you know and tell them you are looking for a new position. You’d be surprised at how many companies never publish job opportunities and prefer only to hire people who are recommended to them by their employees.

Job Sites – There are thousands of sites on the internet with job postings. Use a search engine or directory and visit some to start search for jobs. Most will even let you create an account so you can apply for the job online. to see an example.

Company Websites – Do you already know who you want to work for? Most companies have started posting positions on their websites. Search for a list of the largest employers in your city and start visiting all of their websites. You are almost certain to find a position you can apply for.

Cold Cover Letter – Write a Cold Cover Letter to employers and let them know that you would like to work for them. If the economy is good and you’re lucky, they might even create a position just for you!

Go For a Walk – If you’re looking for a temporary job or unskilled position, go for a walk or drive around your neighborhood and start looking for stores that are hiring. Even if you don’t find anything, the exercise will be good for you.